How to gain traffic for your business/page digitally

Google Ads:

If you are searching for immediate exposure for your business or page then google ads is the way for you. If you have the appropriate budget then google ads is the easiest and the most efficient way to go.


Gain positive customer reviews online:

Word-of-mouth is one of the most impactful and organic medium of the promotion of your business to the right people. When a customer, that has accessed your services, appreciates your business and recommends it to others, that is what is called word-of-mouth. So, whenever you come across a happy customer request him/her to write a positive review for your business/page and recommend it to others. Try to gain positive reviews on official platforms such as google and facebook.



Youtube is a huge platform that attracts vast groups of people. Video marketing is becoming the new trend now, so youtube is the ultimate platform for promoting. You can do so by preparing a video, that gives an overview of your business, and then uploading it on youtube. This video can later be posted on your website’s homepage through youtube’s sale tool. You can also circulate this video to your potential customers. Continue uploading videos related to your business on youtube in order  to get discovered by more and more people. These can be simple videos such as how you started your business, how the services are performed and even testimonial videos.


Try collaborating with an influencer:

Now-a-days social media influencers have great reach, are highly polpular and have great convincing capabilities. So, getting mentioned or featured by such influencers can be of high advantage. They can promote and refer your business to a huge and relevwnat audience. Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy which if executed correctly can yield great results.


Other common platforms that can be used for marketing/promotions:

1) Instagram

2) Facebook

3) LinkedIn

5) TikTok/Moj/MX Takatak

6) Through Mails



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