Hindu College which is affiliated with Delhi University circulated a notice to secretary and president of staff association for basically an allegation to the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry build concerns over an appointment in the college’s Governing Body (GB). From this move, there is a confusion created by teachers and many of them calling it an “attack on dissent”.

On June 14, SNP Punj, a chairperson of the college’s Governing Body circulated a notice to and Atul Gupta (secretary) and Abhay Ranjan (president). In the notice, it is said that notice is in receipt of the mail which is basically forwarded to the Minister of HRD and copied to other institutions such as UGC, CAG and Delhi University. The action is opposite to the authorization and interest of the institution of the staff association. However, college’s Staff Association circulated a statement convicting the move and continue unity to the teachers.

Even it is asked by the 2 members of the staff association to acknowledge to the notice within 15 days to explain that why corrective action should not be initiated against immorality and working against the institution.

In April, the teacher also said that it is basically a harassment by the institution for working a campaign against the college’s decision in favor of self-determination.

In the letter forwarded to Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister, the teachers elevated questions over the appointment of a former college employee as a worthless post of confidant to the chairman of the GB. However, Punj disagrees with the claims saying that there has been no disagreement in any appointment. GB chairperson said that they are not targeting anyone, they just asked for a clarification for writing something without reason against the institution and how it can certify as harassment! Despite many attempts, Anju Srivastava, the college principal didn’t respond to the calls.

Meantime, members of Executive Council (EC) of Delhi University wrote to the vice-chancellor demanding a rollback of the notice. Rajesh Jha, an EC member said that these elected office-bearers of the Staff Association contacted the mutual decisions taken after due consideration and argument, emerge from their sensitivity of duty for the improvement of the institution. The institutions can’t build without detecting the contradict and anxious voices.

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