DU late for recruiting the new staff (again)

When it come to worst case of vacant seats in universities then Delhi University is considered to be in the top list. Due to which the higher authorities had asked DU to fulfill vacant seats as soon as possible in 2017.

Therefore, DU published around fifteen thousand assistant professor’s seats for various fields. All the procedure for submitting application is online which started in May till June.

As the name of Delhi University and the offer of getting permanent job make it an attractive offer, usually thousands of applicants apply for it.

According to the report of the officials there were total of 378 vacancies for associate professors, 92 vacancies for associate professors and 32 vacancies for the post of professor.

In the end, all the talk of recruitment remains to be talk only . As not even the interviews for the respective posts have been taken. Many colleges and department have not even proceeded much regarding this matter. Things become a bit worse after the University Grants Commission (UGC) came out with a notification . In a letter, Joint Secretary of University Grants Commission (UGC), Dr Dev Swarup said that universities and those institutions receiving aid from public funds (except minority institutions) have to prepare fresh rosters for the appointments of faculty members within one month. (As per the reports of DNA Newspaper)

According to UGC criteria , reservation for for SC/ST/OBC in the recruitment of all levels of teacher posts will be calculated by treating each department of the university/institution as a “unit”. This implies that every department faculty have their own proportion of reserved category which also led to the decrease in their number.

Due to this decision, Government has filed a petition in supreme court. According to UGC, the number of seats SC and ST candidates might reduce by 60 to 80%.

The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) is protesting against this UGC directive and declared that they will boycott the evaluation of examination paper process this move was called off after sometime.

Hence, because of this issue the staff of recruitment is facing quite a problem, the applicants need to have patience till the matter is settle down .DU late for recruiting the new staff (again).


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