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FREE Bus Rides For Students! | The Delhi Government is planning to make bus travel free for all school and college students in the city, upon presentation of their student IDs. That’s pretty darn cool!Currently, all students are eligible for a special bus pass from Rs 100 to Rs 150 per month to travel in all non-AC DTC buses. However, there are no special concessional rates for AC buses. With the latest move by the government, both AC and non-AC bus travel may become free for students. Yayyy! The government hasn’t yet decided upon a maximum age limit upto which a student will be eligible for free bus passes. The move still awaits a final nod by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi after which it will be put into action. Currently, the fare for a non-AC bus ranges between Rs 5 to Rs 15 and the same for an AC bus is between Rs 10 and Rs 25.Also, a novel software is making its way to the city to make bus passes available online. These online bus passes will be available on the transport department’s website. Looks like our government has a lot up its sleeve and we can’t wait to see these plans in action!

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