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The new academic gathering has started with college orientation programmes. Many DU’s societies also started presenting their work to freshers through separate orientation gatherings. After orientation, societies will conduct auditions where temperament and skills of freshers will be tested. Choosing one society from so many societies is tough decision for freshers. To make life easier, we can ask president or members of societies about experience and exposure that one can expect from different societies across DU.

Below mentioned are few societies!!

Indian Classical Dance Society
Students can learn to respect art in this Indian Classical Dance Societies. Janhvi Singh, a senior member of Kavyaakriti, the Indian classical dance society, Hansraj College said that society basically looks for aspirants who are ready to learn and grow. She said that feshers has misconception that they should be trained classical dancers, but it is not true, if aspirants knows a little about dance form, then can give auditions. The society only help aspirants to grow with time. There are many things that fresher will learn if they an Indian classical dance society.

• Dramatics Society
Students should start to think out of the box as a part of dramatics society.
Anusha Gupta, president of Ibtida, dramatic society of Hindu College, said that aspirants become more confident when they join dramatic society as from this one can learn the art of public speaking. In dramatics society, aspirants learn acting, write dialogues, play instruments, and many more. Aspirants process of thinking becomes faster because sometimes aspirants ask to prepare a scene in 2 mins and give creative ideas too. Street plays are the best part of dramatic society as it is a fun and attracts the audience. On a social level, aspirants get to make an impact through plays.

Students will learn the motto of discipline and unity in NCC
Priyanka Rana, a NCC Cadet from Gargi College said that NCC helps aspirants develop their overall personality. Freshers learn about functionality of NCC and take parts in various camps which gives a lot of exposure. Aspirants learn how to manage other activities along with their studies. NCC cadets should follow all rules and regulations too.

• Choreography Society
Society helps freshers to gain new perspective on various topics.
Kritika Malhotra, from Sparx, choreography society of Gargi College said that society change the way of what freshers think. When an aspirants join choreography society, they go through physical changes, body strenghtened. Extensive workout is there, and due to that body might want to give up but aspirants have to train their mind to go on. That is what society teach aspirants. Choreography Society is different from dance society because in choreography, there is theme and work should according to that theme only. Fresher’s should also research about new topics or themes so that it will give a new perspective to them.

• Western Dance Society
Aspirants will donate 8-9 hours to prepare a 10 min dance piece in Western dance societies. Shreya Bansal, a member of Verve Dance Crew, the Western dance society of Sri Venkateswara said that a freshers get to learn about various dance styles, when they join Western dance society. Freshers also learn to be dedicated and punctual. The society change fresher’s perspective and teachers how to dance, how to talk and how to present themselves. There are many things that aspirants learn to manage like how to prepare for 3 dance competitions in 1 day in Western dance society.

• Music Society
Western music societies are very strict during practice gatherings.  Gaurav Sharma, member of Backbeat, the music society of Ramjas College said that when aspirants join music society, there will be many students who already knows music more than others. So don’t be overconfident. From music society, aspirants get experience and exposure too. When aspirants of music societies not practicing, they are cool. But when they practice, they all are very strict.

Hence, there are many societies like Indian Classical dance societies, NCC, Music Societies, dramatics societies, choreography societies, Western dance societies, Debate societies, and many more across DU.

Hope this article help all freshers to know about few DU societies! Choose your society wisely!! GOOD LUCK!

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