College is an amazing place packing for all the freshers an enthralling journey. After passing the high cut offs and the streseing ECA  trials, once you finally land in a college of your dreams, you want this to be the best three years of your lives. Being in DU is like a rollercoaster ride, there’s a lot for the fucchas to explore, learn about and understand.

This is also the time when these freshers need the most advice about what to do and what not to do. So here is a compilation and a non exhaustive list of things all the freshers should keep in mind-


1) Join College Socities-

You might not connect instantly with the students in your class but societies in colleges come to the rescue here. Socities in colleges are a place for the like minded people and the ones passionate about something. These college socities are an integral part of your grooming and for making the most out of these 3 years of college. So bunk a few lectures, take part in socities of your liking and specially, be an active member.


2) Stay away from peer pressure-

You’ll find people of all sorts in your college, and you’ll make friends with alot of them but at this to be adult age you need to have an idea of what’s right for you. Hard Drugs, illegal activities – these could create ruccus in your life, make you pay heavy fines and/or even land you in jail. So beware, after all you are adults now.


3) Value Money-

Fancy going out with the new friends you made on a daily basis, seems exciting in the initial phase of college but as you step into this adulthood, you need to learn the value of money and how to save it. Start allocating yourself a pocket money and try sticking to it throughout the month. This will not only help you become better at money management but better in life.


4) Do Interships-

In this fast paced world with high number of college graduates and low employement rate, you need something to set you apart from the crowd. Practical knowledge comes to aid here. Interniships are a way to gain practical knowledge, exposure and most importantly teaches you how to work under pressure. These are the skills that the recruiters look for in a student except for their theoretical knowledge and college GPA.


5) Don’t overburden yourself-

After reading the above points, you must be feeling enthusiastic and would want to do everything at once but try decluttering your work and prioritising it. Divide between work and leisure and dont let these 3 years be wasted, enjoy them to the fullest since you won’t get them ever again.


This seems to be the most important thing that every fresher needs to keep in mind, stick with. Stick with this list and you’re ready to tackle and conquer your college life. So Make friends, Fall in love and Make mistakes but do everything with a consious mind.

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