“They ruled us, we incepted a movement. They belittled us, we replied with powerful silence. They sparked a revolt among us, we fought with a revolution against them.”

15th August 1947, we ended the British hegemony with our mettle, courage and unity.72 years later; here we are, celebrating our emancipation, our democracy and our victory of oneness and equality. So this Independence Day, let your ambitions be higher than the height of your kite, the strength of togetherness be stronger than vibrancy of saffron, the voice of anonymous be louder than the national anthem and success of liberation be longer than the tenure of fetters of dominance. With high spirits of patriotism, prayers for our martyrs and whirlpool of diversity and culture, let’s take a pledge to make India greater and better than it was yesterday. Here are five things every college student can do to utilize this Independence day in a better manner-

1) Organize cultural events

your college societies are a great platform to organize competitions, events and to embrace the diversity and soak the best skills. From dramas to debates, from posters to poetry, from patriotic songs to cultural dances, rejoice your independence day in the most enjoyable manner and use your audience as your stage to spread awareness about the cause you are dedicated to.

2) Volunteer

There are many organizations working towards a cause to serve the millions and to make a greater impact. Hunger in the country needs to be solved and we applaud the NGOs and communities making unprecedented efforts on our liberation day to raise the bar on what ‘freedom’ means to them. Dedicate yourself to one such cause.

3) Clean your City

Our mission of Clean India faces miserable reality. But drops of water make mighty ocean. So pick up your broom and start with cleaning your neighborhood. Install proper dustbins, work on awareness campaigns. Take the responsibility of cleaning up your own mess.

4) Feed a stranger

donate blood or save that sick animal from its plight. You never know how a random act of kindness can make stranger smile, melt a grief- stricken heart or save a life. Your small magnanimous words and actions can make a big difference in someone’s life. Care more. Help more.

5) Teach children about patriotism

This is the time in a students life as an adult to impart his/her knowledge to the younger generation and to impact lives and the society as a whole. This young soft minds of the children if given the right direction and the true essence of patriotism can be moulded like soft clay towards being the informed citizens that the country is in need of. Teach them how patriotism is not just about standing up for the national anthem or fighting with strangers on the comment section of a patriotic video but about how to build up this country into something beautiful and about the true meaning of intolerance.

So on this meaningful holiday,spread love, rejoice in happiness and feel the real patriotism blossom in your hearts. share your experience in the comments below on how did you celebrate this wonderful day of freedom and peace.

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