Delhi University: A 37 Storey Building to be built near Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station

Vishwavidyalya metro

Delhi Metro have given approval to construct a 37-storeyed building right next to the Vishwavidyalaya metro station, a movement that can interrupt thousands of differently abled Delhi University students who use Vishwavidyalaya metro station or other means to travel to the North Campus on daily basis. Also, the construction of this building has led the downfall of 228 trees.

According to the university officials, the land was given to a private builder by DMRC to construct a residential complex. The construction will obviously have serious negative effects on the cultural heritage, history and the uniqueness that only Delhi University campus provides to a student. Moreover, the construction of such a building in the campus have several under issues such as getting permission from various agencies.
“The land is part of the Delhi University Enclave as per plan prepared in compliance with the Government of India (Department of Education Health Land) states a letter dated October 25, 1943. The map of the land had been signed by the Delhi Chief Commissioner on April 12, 1945”, was stated by Dr AK Singh, dean, Harvesting and Works, Delhi University.

According to him, clause number 11.3 of the Master Plan of Delhi-2021 states that, no tall buildings are permitted in the area of the North Campus. In case if some developer gets out the proposed land from the varsity campus as well as permission from North Delhi Municipal Corporation is granted, then in that case same contravention of clause number 11.3 of MPD-2021 as well as para 1.4.1 of Zonal Development Plan for Zone-C, which stipulate that severe efforts should be made to preserve character of the University of Delhi and its campus.

Also, carving out such a project does not give any applicant the right from North DMC to sanction the construction of a tall building. It is counted as a violation as the proposed project falls within the silent zone as its 100 meters from Delhi University.

The building will be having two basements, therefore soil will not be able to hold the construction. It is a seismic zone. Moreover, the construction will create problems for the disabled students who use the Chattra Marg. It will cause traffic around the colleges which are near the metro station. It can also pose a security threat for the girls hostel.
Delhi University have written a letter to Rajnath Singh, Union Minister, to request to put a stop to this project. Varsity have also appealed in Delhi High Court.

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