As a fresher you might feel many emotions at a time, these few weeks will feel hectic as well as a joyous moment.
When I joined the college, I was extremely happy, it was a dream to study in Delhi University, one of the most prestigious universities of India, as being from another state, it was also a sense of fear, that was washed away by the vibe of this state but there were few things maybe everyone feels.

1) Sense of newness – We have all spent 12 years in our school lives, enjoying what it was, believing in our definition of fun and whatever naughtiness we could’ve done, though we were kept in a circle of relations with our parents, teachers and the whole entity of school and there was less freedom but with college comes freedom and own responsibility, there is noone to take a look at what you have been doing, either you bunk classes or you crash them with attendance, it’s your wish, but guys, that doesn’t mean you won’t be marked for your attendance if you bunk. Responsibility becomes even more serious if you are a student from a different state, girls and guys, buckle your seat for a new ride of life.

2) Making friends – Now this is a skill that depends on you totally, depends if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Even though, you are an extrovert, and you are making several mates out here, you might miss your old friends, having a cramping feeling, when you don’t see them around everyday around the field, ah, and the field is also not the same!! which takes us to our new point…..

3) The surroundings – We have been used to a study place, in which we have studied for 12 years, religiously going to classes everyday and those halls, those memories, laughs and classrooms have been stored in minds, it is not easy to accept that we are not studying in the same building anymore, we don’t share lunches like before, there is always a hustle bustle of students but not during just tiffin break, but every time. Shifting classes from this to that, has become a routine and taking phones in the class has become a new normal, but just maybe a few months ago, it was prohibited.

4) Study mess – This might happen to everyone, instead of some nerds (joking totally) in our classes, who have been studying pretty well but most of us left studies as if we don’t have to study anymore for two months after CUET. Haven’t we? Now coming to classes feels like, “wait a minute, why isn’t it getting in my head, which topic was it”, don’t worry guys, it’s normal, I felt the same, got to say…. It’s scary. So even if you need to enjoy your break from school life and after entrance, study a little bit, so you can catch up in classes, it’s easy to study then.

5) Homesickness – You are very happy, enjoying your classes, feeling better everyday, seeing a glow up? Suddenly your mood turns into a rollercoaster and swings like you have never felt so stressed, you miss your home, you miss your mom, your family and food. If you are a student from a different state, at some point of time, you will feel homesick, some people do in the starting, some do after already living several months without your family and when you feel these nerve wrecking emotions, all you wish to fly back home.

Adjustment, is the one thing which you will do over time, it will take a good amount of emotionally hectic situations but, you will adjust, trust me, you are strong enough, that’s why you are here, where you are right now and for all those leaving home and coming here to study, you parents trust you and they are proud.

-Harshanbita Anujoy

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