ECA – A Hope to get admission in Delhi University

ECA – Extra curricular activities are  the hottest topic talk of the town when it comes to DU ‘s admission .

Due to rise of the percentage in cutoffs, it is becoming difficult to take admission in the desirable college and course, which has led to it becoming one of the major factors of inclination of  student’s interest  toward ECA as this way they can not only show case there talent but also get admission in DU colleges.

Basically, the ECA or extra-curricular activities quota allows a relaxation on the cut-off marks for students who are achievers in cultural activities or sports .

There are many ECA which are defined in DU’s guidelines for admission process.
1) Music –
o   Vocal – 

Indian Classical, Western Classical, Indian Folk and Light Music, Western Light Music, Divinity.
o   Instrumental – 

Indian Classical, Western Classical, Indian Folk and Light Music, Western Light Music
2)Dance –

 Indian  Classical, Indian Folk, Western, Choreography 


3)Creative Writing – 

English, Hindi
4)Debate – 

English, Hindi Quiz
5) Acting and Theatre – 

Street Play, Dramatics
6)Fine Arts – 

Painting, Sculpting, Sketching


7)Digital Media – Still Photography, Animation, Film Making
8)NCC and NSS

Generally there are 865 seats reserved for ECA quota but it varies every year.
The Admission process for ECA is quite simple . Firstly the applicant have to fill the ECA option while filling up the form where they have to upload one certificate for the respective field they want to apply . It is expected that the certificate uploaded by the student  is the best certificate among all other  to show case the applicant talent in his/her respective  field.

The Percentage of student in ECA admission process is decided on the following guidelines which are as follows:

1) 25 percent merit is given to the certificates and accolades collected by the student in their school . 

2) 75 percent to the performance of the candidate during trials which is  held by the DU ECA admission Committee.

Shortlisted student have to give a final trial  generally held at the last week of June or starting week of July. To judge the student’s talent some senior faculty members of top colleges of DU are present as judge.
ECA admission is the basic foundation of the societies, therefore after taking the admission the student is expected  to devote a handsome amount of time to their respective curricular activities, which is quite clear from their course.

“Students are expected to devote at least three hours every day if they have taken admission under the ECA category. But this is variable as more hours are spent on activities during the college fest season, while there is no activity during exams,” said Shalini Chandra (Admission in charge of ECA).

But it doesn’t mean that students have to comprise with there academic or they have to face problem regarding attendance  because ECA students have to make a balance between both there activities and academic on which they will be judged and decided upon as to be declared pass or fail in a year.

Regarding Attendance, which is not a problem as DU colleges maintain different attendance register for ECA students.

Therefore ECA is not just about excellence in the expected field but also to maintain a balance which is why it is quite difficult for ECA students to cope up with every aspect of criteria to pass. 
“Things get hectic during the fest season when we usually have practices and performances every day. However, we get sufficient time to study during exams if we manage our time well,” said Gargi Vashisht, ECA (dramatics) student in Hansraj College.

Therefore, it is not just difficult to crack the trials but it is also quite hectic for college life of an ECA student.

Written by Radhika Jindal

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