DUSU submits memorandum to Dean of Colleges, regarding fee-relaxation

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New Delhi : Delhi University Student Union (DUSU) submitted a memorandum to dean of colleges regarding the fee-relaxation issues. The similar memorandum have been also sent to 70 college administration.

DUSU requested administration to immediately look into the matter and reduce non-tuition charged from gross fees. Due to pandemic, thousands of students left there PGs and have gone back to there home towns since march.

During this pandemic, many of them are facing financial crisis. University demanding mess, electricity, utilities and other similar charges are completely unjustifiable.

DUSU memorandum on fee relaxation

“DUSU has been consistent in its opposition to fee hikes. The pandemic has necessitated an urgent reassessment of the varsity’s fee structure. The differential cost of online and conventional education fees has made fee-moderation and fee-rebate imperative. Why should students pay for facilities that are either inaccessible or have fallen into disuse? We will make sure that such unjust demands are revoked at the earliest.”

Akshit Dahiya, DUSU President

“There is no gainsaying the fact that the pandemic has affected disproportionately the female students. Such undue demands can lead to a decline in the Female Gross Enrollment Ratio in higher education. Therefore, fee-relaxation is crucial not only to preserve the gains made in the realm of women’s education but also to provide respite to the pandemic-stricken student community which calls DU its home.”

Shivangi Kharwal, Joint Secretary, DUSU
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