DU OBE 2020 : College gets answer sheets of unknown students

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New Delhi : A few Delhi University (DU) schools have gotten answer contents of “unknown” students during the initial two days of the continuous online open-book assessment (OBE), raising worries that these answer contents could be “lost” and therefore lead to “absolute mayhem” during the assessment procedure.

The OBE tests, being held as a one-time measure this year in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, started on Monday and will proceed till August 31. Around 2,40,000 last year undergrad and postgraduate understudies of DU are taking the tests.

During the OBE tests, students can either transfer their answer duplicates on the college’s online assessment entryway or email them to their schools or offices.

Following two days of tests, a couple of schools said they have gotten answer duplicates of understudies who are not enrolled with them. For example, Indraprastha College (IP) for Women has gotten about 50 answer duplicates of students not o their moves on Monday.

College principal Babli Moitra Saraf said, “We have received around 50 answer copies from students who are not registered with our college. Delhi university will also sort such copies and then send for evaluation.

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Around 40 such answer scripts reached Kirori Mal College (KMC) on Tuesday. College principal Vibha Singh Chauhan said, “We have also received answer scripts of students from other colleges. Following this, we have put up a notice on our website requesting students to send their answer copies to their respective colleges only. We have forwarded the 40 answer scripts to the university administration with a note that they are not of our students.”

Manoj Sinha, principal of Aryabhatta College, said, “On Monday, we had also received a few answer sheets of students who are not registered with our college. We immediately forwarded them to the university administration.”

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