DU Mock test : Submitting your answer sheets on OBE portal is not safe

Du exams

New Delhi : The Phase 2 of Delhi University Mock test has began from today and it will be concluded by august 4. This phase of mock test is the real mock which is similar to actual exam.

Today was the first day of this phase and student’s started facing many technical glitches. Earlier glitches revolve around connection error and site crash but now we came across a new technical glitch which is even more risky for student’s.

An unknown student from faculty of law, university of Delhi shared with our editorial team that “So we’ve been asked to upload the answer sheets and there has been option of previewing it before submitting”.

She said “So when I pressed preview the first file showed my answer but the second file showed someone else’s file from a completely different subject, It’s a huge technical glitch from their part”.

If this glitch is happening with other students as well then it will be a big problem for thousands of student’s. In case wrong answer sheets submitted, it will definitely effect the results.

We urge the administration of the university to kindly look into this issue asap.

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