DU EXAMS : How to Prepare for Open Book Examination

DU Exams OBE

University of Delhi recently released a 25 page document consist of all important information related to open book examinations 2020 for students as well as teachers. We believe that this document was given to all teachers & HOD’s of colleges but unfortunately that document was not circulated among the students.

In the same document, university of Delhi mentioned t=some points related to preparation for Online examinations.

As you will be taking your exams at home or from a remote access, it is advisable
that you create an ambience which will help you to concentrate and remain focused. Following steps may help you in achieving the above:

  • A quiet and peaceful space where there are no interruptions
  • A comfortable sitting arrangement with adequate light
  • An internet-connected computer or Smart Phone
  • Provision of a watch/clock or any time management to monitor your time
  • (Time schedule for each session is specified in the datesheet uploaded on DU web site. Please check the date and time schedule for your papers well in advance)
  • Keep your books, notes, and other study material ready for reference
  • Sufficient number of A4 white sheets to write your examination. Please numbered each sheet.
  • Your Admit card (Examination Roll Number), password.
  • Drinking water

Advisory for Students

This may be the first time that you are appearing for an open book examination. It would be advisable and recommended if you familiarize yourself with the process and take Mock examination before taking the University examination. Mock tests will be available for the students on the portal one week prior form the start of examinations to facilitate the students so that they can make aware themselves with the new mode of examination i.e. OBE and asses the network and infrastructure required for downloading the question papers and uploading of the scanned answer-sheets.

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