Back in 2009, scoring between 82%-87% was considered to be good for getting admission in any  reputed DU college. Now, after almost ten years, getting anything less than 97% is considered to be undesirable. 

The cut offs for Delhi University have shot up almost 16% in the last decade. The number of CBSE students scoring perfect 100s are increasing year by year. This year, over 17,693 students have secured over 95 per cent, while 90,000 have scored over 90 per cent. 

Ten years ago, anything between 82 and 87 per cent was sufficient to get admission in  top DU colleges like Hansraj, Hindu, KMC and Miranda House. In the last couple of years, students scoring below 97-98 per cent have no such chance. 

Where admissions to degrees like BA Economics (Honours) and BCom (Honours) have always had high cut-offs since they are scoring subjects, the trend is now a mainstay for courses such as BA English (Honours) and Political Science (Honours). Both degrees can be pursued by any student, regardless of their chosen stream in Class XII. Of the roughly 3 lakh applications DU receives every year, the maximum over the past three years have been from students looking to pursue English (Honours). 

DU is yet to release its cut-offs for the 2019-20 academic session, and students looking to graduate from the prestigious university are already jittery about their shot at the 55,000-60,000 seats that will be on offer.

“The number of graduating students has been increasing and the university keeps getting more and more applications, but the number of seats have remained more or less constant, which is why colleges first keep the cut-off way too high and lower them later so that they can limit the number of people coming in” explains the former DU vice-chancellor Dinesh Singh.