In order to promote and conserve the “Modern Indian Languages” (MIL) and less popular disciplines such as Music, Physical Education and many others, Delhi University for the first time has adopted a new method and criteria for admissions in the Bachelors of Arts (BA) Programme course.

For the coming academic session- 2019-20, students will be admitted in BA programme on the basis of discipline subjects as per admission criteria adopted by varsity.

According to the provision, multiple cut-offs will be issued separately for each combination of discipline subjects selected for the BA programme course. For instance, 90 per cent aggregate for BA programme with combinations of Political Science and Economics as discipline subject, 95 per cent for History and Political Science, 96 per cent for Mathematics and Political science.

Till now, a common cut off was issued and a common combination of subjects i.e., three subjects and one language to calculate the best of four marks to meet the cut-off percentage. “As per the new discipline subjects based admission criteria’, the students have to thoroughly decide the combination of subjects and the two discipline subjects they want to study.  Once they selected subjects and take admission in BA programme, they cannot change it after.  They will have to cancel the admission and seek re-admission with reselected subjects,” said Rasal Singh, another member of Standing Committee.

Also, if any student includes a subject or language as elective while calculating the best of four marks, they will have to study that language in BA programme, Singh added.

Another DU official Ramananda Singh, former member of Academic Council (AC), said, with the new adopted course, students will be counselled to decide on the combination of subjects and they will be explained about the job opportunities and future benefits of taking MIL subjects besides the popular history, political science and economics.”

“Many colleges in the varsity gave relaxation of five to ten percent for the students who studied MIL subjects for admission because of which many students used the MIL subject to get the benefit and choose any other subject after getting admitted. Because of the trend other subjects such as Physical Education has become less popular and go vacant ever year as no one opt for these subjects,” said a member of DU Standing Committee.

Elaborating it further, the DU official said, considering these aspects in mind, the varsity has decided to make different combination of disciplines and subjects in the BA Programme and separate cut-offs will be issued to each combination of disciplines.

All the colleges that offer BA programme course will have to announce about the new methods before the announcement of cut-off. Notably, Two ‘principles’ have been prepared for this method by the Standing Committee of the varsity administration.

In the first- colleges can only offer the subjects that they have been offering for the last three years under the BA programme. Second, the colleges cannot close the combination of existing MIL unpopular subjects. Further, after the request of the music teachers of 11 colleges, standing committee has cancelled the separate admission policy for music.