Kalindi College has constituted a transgender cell to educate its students about issues related to the transgender community and build awareness. It is the first time a college under Delhi University has constituted such a cell. The principal of the college, Naina Hasija, said that the concept of establishing such a cell was floated by Anita Tagore, a faculty member of the college.

Speaking to the news agency PTI, she said, “Initially, I was scared about the society. But, we thought the society is slowly accepting them and we must educate our students about the community.”

Naina Hasija further that her decision was bolstered by a visit from one of her colleagues.

Recounting the visit, Naina Hasija said, “Prof Namita Rajput, former Principal of Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) had come to our college for a talk. She told me that she had invited a transgender person for a talk and the teachers were against the event.”

Informing further, the principal said that more than 300 students have registered themselves along with the joining of several teachers.

She went on to add, “There is a need to educate students. We have 4,000 women students and 200 staffers. These are substantial numbers and we are in a position to educate them.”

The institution has also entered into an arrangement with a non-profit queer feminist resource group, Nazariya, to provide counselling to students.

“Representatives from Nazariya will counsel students so that if they want to come out to their parents about their gender identity and so on, they could talk,” said the Principal further.


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