Delhi University to reopen, “To be, or not to be, that is the question”!

Delhi University to reopen?


Could anyone have ever imagined the campus with red walls that once used to echo with hustle bustle of e-rickshaw, laughter of students, their arguments, their chit-chat , gossip about professors, the aroma of “sudama ki chai” and different food stalls ; will covert into a ghost town. Yes we are talking about none other than Delhi University!


The University which is known for the exposure it offers to students has somewhat lost its significance in the covid era and in order to revive that the administration of DU has decided to open the university in a phased manner.


It has already opened its gates for the 3rd year students whose courses require a Lab and practical classes. If this experiment turns out to be a success, it is expected that the varsity will resume its physical classes for all the students in a phased manner soon. 

Techniques like calling even and odd roll number students on alternative days, social distancing and alternative seating in the classrooms are anticipated to become a part of curriculum.


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