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New Delhi : To Ensure the well being and security of the students showing up for the second period of Open Book Examination (OBE) planned to be held from September 14, the University of Delhi has given an official Notification featuring the rules to be followed during the assessment.

The students who are showing up for the Open Book Examination (OBE) second stage distantly utilizing the ICT offices will get the inquiry papers for every meeting of assessment on their enlisted email.

Nonetheless, an extra office is being given to the students to downloading the inquiry papers if on the off chance that, an understudy neglects to get the equivalent on his/her email in time before the initiation of the assessment because of system issues or other specialized reasons.

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On the off chance that an student neglects to get the inquiry paper on his/her enlisted email, he/she can download the equivalent from the online entrance of the assessment branch. The connection for getting to the gateway will be as beneath:

Download question papers : Direct Link

The inquiry paper for every meeting of the assessment will be accessible on the entrance 15 minutes preceding the beginning of the assessment of every meeting.

The student will be needed to enter the Unique Paper Code (UPC) for the specific assessment for which he/she needs to download the inquiry paper.

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SOPs to be followed during DU OBE phase second

1. The candidates appearing for the examination shall submit a self-declaration (undertaking) before entering the examination centre.

2. Queue manager/ropes and Floor masks will be arranged outside the centre to ensure that the candidates maintain a space of at least 6 feet from each other at all the time.

3. Thermo guns for Temperature check of candidates and all staff on duty should be ensured.

5. All staff on examination duty must wear face masks.

6. The gap between two seats should be maintained during the examination.

7. Candidate Seating Area (desk and the chair) to be thoroughly sanitized before the start of each shift of examination.

8. Manual attendance will be taken from the students with signature, unique paper code (of the particular paper), date and session of the examination after completion of each session of examination while maintaining a safe distance.

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9, A tray/dropbox to be provided in each room for the students to keep their answer sheets after completion of the examination for each session in the presence of the invigilator maintaining a safe distance. The tray/dropbox should be sanitized thoroughly before the commencement of each session of examination.

10. Seating plan of allotted students along with Room No. may be communicated to the students appearing for the examination as per the date and session in one day advance through registered e-mail/WhatsApp to avoid enquiry at the time of entry and start of the examination.

11. It should be ensured that all the processes are touch-free, to the maximum possible extent, to ensure Social Distancing norms.

12. On completion of a shift, the candidates should be permitted to move out in an orderly manner one candidate at a time.

13. Advisory notice boards to caution the candidates about Social Distancing precautions to be positioned at suitable locations within and near the centre.

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