Delhi University Online classes : Students struggling with lengthy classes

Online classes DU

New Delhi : Since Delhi University started this academic year with the online classes, students are facing issues while attending classes. The University commence the session completely online from August 10.

The students are not in a comfort zone to attend classes for so long. Sitting in front of laptop screen for long hours is causing mental and physical discomfort. Some college students are continuously demanding from authorities to reduce online class hours.

Student Union of Lady Sri Ram College organized a meeting to discuss the issues related to online semester. The members said that many students don’t have access to laptops or mobiles and good internet connection. This digital divide among the rich and poor will not work for so long.

Online classes DU
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A student from Hindu College said ” Students cannot sit in front of screens for so long. The Screen rays can effect student body and can harm eyes. Students should also involved in other activities. the online classes are not so taxing like normal classes”.

Teacher’s also spoke in this serious matter. Sanjay batra, professor at Sri venky college said “My wife and i are both teachers. Our children are in classes IX and XII. It is very difficult for us to afford 4 laptops and it is very difficult to interact with phones. Holding and attending continuous online classes is not easy for students and teachers.

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