Fests organized by colleges of Delhi University are popularly known for inviting high – profile and also for spending excessively with exception of some colleges who are planning on exploring topical subjects.

These fests begin at the end of February and continue till mid -March, preparations have already started in most of the colleges. They majorly focus on making their ‘‘star night’’ by inviting high profile artists.

Shri Ram College of Commerce’s fest ‘Crossroads’ organizers have reported that they will spend over 1 crore, with additional expenses that will be covered by other means. Crossroads lasts for four days and will have a mega star for each night and there will be a different genre assigned to each day.

As reported by a Hindu College Parliament’s member, the standard expenses for organising a good college’s festival lies between Rs. 40-60 lakh. Their festival ‘ Mecca ’, the proposed budget is said to be Rs.2 crore.

Hindu college’s student Union member said that they are planning on inviting Music Director and Singer Amit Trivedi for their ‘‘star night ’’, he was already on wish list of the organisers of Sri Venkateswara College’s Fest with actor Farhan Akhtar.

Lady Shri Ram College, the theme is ‘Converging Identities’. They have supposedly chosen this theme because of the recent developments like the abolition of section 377 and adultery. They have invited cultural and political dignitaries who have been unable to come to the limelight.

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