Delhi University appeals teachers to re-join answer-sheet evaluation process

Source India today

The Delhi University on May 18, 2018 made an appeal to the teachers’ association members to take up evaluation of exam sheets — abandoned by them in DU protest — for the sake of the “future of students” and also so that results can be announced in time.

“Considering the future of students, an appeal is made to the teaching fraternity of the University of Delhi to join the evaluation process and complete the evaluation well in time so that results can be declared without delay,” it added on the protest at DU.


Opposing the ‘graded autonomy’ as proposed to colleges by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the DUTA teachers have been boycotting the evaluation of answer sheets since May 9.

The association is of the view that the proposed ‘autonomy’ is an underhanded move to bring “self-financing schemes and online courses”, which will have “far-reaching consequences” and may lead towards privatisation of higher learning institutions.The teachers’ body has alleged that the college — the only one to apply for autonomy so far among DU colleges — had applied for the status of autonomy without taking into account the opinion of teachers and students of the college.

“The DUTA has been forced to give a call for evaluation boycott. It appeals to students and parents to lend support to the struggle to save Delhi University and its colleges as institutions of affordable quality education,” the association had said in a statement on Friday.

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