Delhi HC point out DU for playing with the lives of students

High court

Delhi University on Wednesday told the high court that it had postponed the same till mid-August a day after saying it was well prepared to conduct the final-year exams online later this week.

DU submitted before Delhi high court that the decision to postpone the open-book exams (OBE), scheduled from July 10, came after a meeting on Tuesday among university officials, University Grants Commission (UGC) and the human resource development ministry.

Yet, in view of DU’s stand, Justice Pratibha M Singh observed and said that, till Tuesday, DU had assured the court of all preparation for online exams. The college then told the court, via senior lawyer Sachin Dutta that more than 4.9 lakh question papers had been downloaded, and 4.7 lakh files successfully uploaded during mock tests, which proved that students can access and upload mock tests.

delhi high court du case

UGC has also said that it has permitted the universities to carry out exams as they see fit, provided they conform to the September deadline. The students have also received advice from DU for the final students to decide whether the university wants to encourage others based upon previous years or semesters.

After the high court earlier sought to know how prepared DU is to conduct the examinations on July 10, the university had told the court that out of its about 2.5 lakh final-year students, approximately 1.9 lakh were from Delhi and the rest from outside. It also said its test platform was “quite robust” and was capable of catering to 80,000 students at a time, while the traffic won’t be more than 22,000 for each exam.

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