Unprecedented? COVID? Abnormal? 2020 might be undefinable – and that’s OK. The world of 2020 was in uncharted waters. Each one, going through the unprecedented times, shall remember how the world changed and life came to a standstill but education never stopped.


Delhi University commenced online classes and conducted Open Book Examinations (OBE) for students. Finally, after a full year of closure and arranging the security-related arrangements in the face of a pandemic, Delhi University has agreed on reopening the colleges.


On 29th January 2021 the Registrar University of Delhi in the light of the meeting held with the Department Heads of the colleges and Principal of the colleges, in compliance with the respective ministries, put out an order that all the colleges and departments shall be fully functional from 1st February 2021. Furthermore, the notice mentioned that all the teachers and faculty members of their respective institutions must be present in the workplace. 


The order specifies that only final year students in small sets are allowed to come to the college for the practical work, laboratory and library-related work as per UGC guidelines. The notice also stipulates that only 50% of the students will be able to enter college at a time. 


The protocols issued by Delhi University states that the practical work of final students will go on till 31st March 2021 with full precautions. However, online classes will continue to take place during this period. Also, the attendance of the students is not compulsory and coming to college will be optional.


For protection from coronavirus, DU has set guidelines and sent to all the colleges which must be heeded and obeyed. Under these rules, each college has to arrange separate rooms and an efficient corona task force. The preparation for welcoming the students should be done at the earliest. During this time, regular meetings will be held with the faculty members and mock drills will be conducted and reports of the same have to be sent to the DU administration timely. With this, the entry of any student with coronavirus symptoms will be restricted and inside the campus, every student should abide by the rules. 


Shri Ram College of Commerce and Kirori Mal College adhering to the notice started their phased re-entry of students for practical work.


The phased re-entry and commencement of the physical presence of students along with compulsory attendance of the teaching staff have created a buzz amongst the students. Students from far-off regions are left with anxiousness. The permission from parents and guardians remains an issue for many students in deciding whether or not they will be able to rejoin. However, the forthcoming time would tell us how the phased re-entry emanates out.

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