Bulbbul is out now on Netflix : Hauntingly powerful story Gets Many Positive Nods for Exceptional Performance

Bulbbul The new release by Netflix, produced by Anushka Sharma and directed by Anvita Dutt, has been released today, June 24.

The netizens and critics applauded the horror-drama fairy tale.

The film, released today at 12.30 pm, gets positive reactions and thumbs up, particularly because of the lead actor’s exceptional performance.

Twitterverse explodes with feedback. The tale is about superstitions, and beliefs. It stars Avinash Tiwary, Dimri Tripti, Rahul Bose, Dam Paoli and Chatterjee Parambrata.

Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Sharma’s Clean Slate Production’s project Bulbbul is said to be period drama set in Kolkata.

Helmed by Anvita Dutt, Bulbbul is about a man named Satya who, after many years, returns to his village and sees his brother’s child-wife Bulbul abandoned and serving the town.

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