Amazon Prime has 3 times more Movies than Netflix

Netflix may have more users than Amazon Prime but, according to a
recent study by ReelGood, a streaming service aggregator, Prime has
more than three times as many films in its library.
There are 3,781 total movies available on Netflix and in case of
Amazon Prime it is 12828.


Nonetheless, the big gap narrows when you look at high quality films.
Looking at quality movies— 6 + rating on IMDB with at least 300
votes — Prime’s advantage significantly narrows: 568 to 424. That
makes sense: if you’ve puttered a lot of things around in Amazon
Prime, you’ll find some extremely low-budget shows, including some
that look like home made.
Right now the entire streaming industry is highly competitive, and
this is not just about Amazon and Netflix. HBO Max and Hulu are
similarly important rivals. In reality, HBO Max is right at Netflix’s
heels on high-quality movies.

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