All eyes are on Reliance Power ltd

All eyes are on Reliance Power now. Since Rpower is going to have AGM tomorrow. The board meeting tomorrow is highly sought meeting amongst investors across all segments.

Some analysts believe that its share price is going to touch Rs 25 to 30 within a week time from now. Also, they believe power is the most demanding sectors due to the trending news of coal shortages. Some investor also notices that there was a change in circuit limit of Reliance Power from 5% to 10% and within two days. There is a noticeable update on circuit limits of lower circuit limit and upper circuit limit, Today it touched upper circuit at price Rs 15.60 at NSE and Rs 15.64 at BSE.

Anil Ambani’s struggling days are flying away soon at least with Reliance power for sure, one can see Reliance Power was chosen firstly to increase the stack by converting debts into owner’s equity in the business.

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