The Share Market in India stuck at Green color terribly. Both NSE and BSE maintain positive signs of growth.
Experts are predicting further the growth in Indian stock market could be due to the two FPIs from Russia who have recently registered with SEBI.
Big Gainers

A profile of Rs. 321.79 crore made by Reliance Power (Rpower) for the quarter ended March 2023. Reliance Power is one of the profitable businesses for Anil Ambani as per current quarter result and same is the topic of discussion amongst analysts in the equity market.

Earum Pharma, a leading player in the Pharma Industry has gained the share price which is 5 days highest. One sees a quick recovery of its share from the lowest price Rs 1.64 to Rs 2.27 last Friday.
It also recently launched a Right issue of Rs 2 each share to existing shareholders. Many investors are buying its share at Rs .05 a share from the open market as its an opportunity for them those are not an existing share holders.
Share trading is subject to market risks, study carefully before you invest in any stock. Investing in the stock market would be completely your decision and profits and losses are associated with it. DU Assassins would not be held responsible for profits or losses you incur. The objective of this article is knowledge sharing.
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