5 Young startups by Student’s of Delhi University

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Hundreds of Internet Entrepreneurs are being minted in India every year. However, only few of them can stood up with their startups. Delhi University is one of the Prestigious University in India and the student’s are exceptionally talented. In this young age, many student’s have started something of there own in the college life to explore opportunities and achieve something in this competitive world.

Out of hundreds of small & big startups started by the student’s of University of Delhi, DU Assassins present you the list of 5 successful startups :

1. Finladder


FinLadder is an online educational organization which regularly prepares students and professionals to prepare for various finance courses including those conducted by NSE. Thousands of students from universities all around India including Delhi University, Indian Institute of Management, Indraprastha University, Symbiosis are engaged with them.


FinLadder is a start-up by two students pursuing bachelors of commerce from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi. The main objective of this organization is to promote financial literacy in India and abroad.

2. Houseitt

houseitt team

Houseitt is a ‘by the students and for the students’ initiative, registered under ‘Start-up India’ that aims to simplify the process of finding accommodation and assisting students in finding their perfect home away from home.

We seek to deliver affordable, accessible and student-centric accommodation through a student-friendly and convenient platform. Houseitt goes beyond simply helping you discover property and is a community of students that have got your back with whatever it is that you need!

3. Metvy


Metvy is a multilingual hyperlocal networking application, which utilizes the opportunity of automated networking. Using geospatial trends, it will send you a notification whenever you come in contact with any other user in your vicinity who is fulfilling your needs.

This way, you can connect with the right person, at the right time. Be it job opportunities, investor meetings or even getting a cup of coffee with a person of similar interests, Metvy is the single stop for it all.

Metvy is aimed at utilizing the infinite human potential present hyper-locally through an automated intuitive platform that provides need-based networking where people can find like-minded people around them.

4. Now & Me

now and me

The idea to start Now&Me was to give everyone a chance to begin again. To leave the insecurities of Instagram, the monotony of Facebook, the noise at Twitter..feel free to add any other social media outlets that have contributed to the stress we feel in our digital lives.

Digital Lives? Well, let’s face it. Our digital presence has become as much a part of our personality as our spiritual and physical being.

As wonderful a tool as social media might be to connect, inspire, learn and grow, it has not come without its fair share of struggles. With the trolling, the hate, the pressure to conform and to perform, it only seems to have added to our long list of tensions.

5. The Happy Company

the happy company

The Happy Company is an organization that aims to bring a revolution in mental health worldwide. It was started in June 2018, recruited the first set of volunteers in April 2019.

It was started just as an Instagram page by Bhavika, a student of Sri Venkateshwara College. On 1st April 2019, the group selected their first set of 30 volunteers. Bhavika and the group have made considerable progress, from an Instagram page to an organization with more than 70 volunteers, and have helped more than 3000 individuals.

The objective continues as before, they all desire to get an upheaval emotional well-being. Sooner rather than later, they’re going to make psychological well-being help increasingly available in provincial territories and work on sharpening places where it is as yet viewed as an untouchable, alongside giving assistance to any individual who contacts them.

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