We were told there are two species of homo sapiens-good or bad. But college is a whole other world. You meet people of different types, from learners to players, from bunkers to that one guy who never misses class, from that foodie guy to that make-up junkie girl. They all make your campus life more interesting in their own way. You can love or you can hate this zoo of creatures but admit it these people make your college life bearable. So here is a list of people you will meet in every college

1. The Studious kind

That one nerd with big glass rimmed spectacles  in school is now your studious guy who attends all the lectures and is your go to guy for those beautiful notes made with different colors . They’ll keep their hands up for so long they’ll have body-builder-toned arms .All the teachers love him and he is your chosen class representative.

2. The Bunker

There is always that one person in your classes that you only see for exams. He is the ‘Eid ka Chaand’ of the class and makes everyone turn their heads and mouths open with surprise, the day he decides to adorn the four walls of the classroom with his presence. Surprisingly, he always manages to get away because of his ‘Proxy laga dio’ .

3. The Fashionista

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “The girl’s got everything !
I’ve got it all,
Jimmy Choo & Manolo, Prada, Galliano,
Cant get nuff, I want more and more…
Louis Vuitton & the Stella Mccartney, Donatella Versace,
I Use bag from GUCCI !!

Sounds familiar? Call her Carrie Bradshaw or ‘Shanaya’ of your college. The girl with knowledge of all the latest trends with the best dresses and one ‘ USA waale relative’ who gets her the most expensive bags at peanut prices. Her stunning fashion sense makes everyone drop dead in their tracks and makes every guy go gaga over her.

4. The Competitive guy

College is a place where people want to get the best out of their 3 years and competition is the essence of it. You can be assured that you’ll find one such extra-competitive person in your college.¬†This guy/girl can spotted from a mile’s radius since he will be present everywhere. From college societies to socializing with juniors and seniors, from¬† attending events to going to every competition, you can never miss this guy.¬†Multi tasking is generally his superpower and time management is his biggest enemy.

5. The Always in Canteen

Big¬†air conditioned canteens are blessing to the college students since it is the place where they can¬†devour on delicious food¬†and chill with their friends. But there is always one¬†such guy who¬†can always be found in the¬†canteen. His love for food can be measured by his¬†‘udhaar’ at the canteen.¬†With the cheap rate of college canteen, this¬†guy never leaves a moment to gorge on¬†the yummy food and will convince you to be his food partner.

So how many people have you met? Share with  us in the comments about  all the wonderful beings.

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