We all feel stuck sometimes right? Classes, trips out with friends, then again studying and we miss out the
most hectic one of them; college assignments and we then scroll through the internet on how to do it?
Here are 10 tips to do it:

1) Pomodoro Method:

This method is quite over the internet nowadays. This technique to study, gives our
minds a break to do the work easily. It is a 30-10 or a 60-20 method, which means you can set a timer for
30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes; get up, drink water and stretch or send a reply to your friend, but keep
down the phone after 10 minutes break or if you want keep on for long, you can study for 60 minutes and
rest up for 20 minutes, it is self adjustable but recommended to work for just 1 and half hour at once.

2) Attending classes:

Even though we need a break from classes time to time and attending classes isn’t
always possible, it is one of the best way to do the assignment because mostly, they are related to what we
have been taught in classroom and are always mostly topic wise, that the teacher have taught already.
Whatever professors teaches in classes are the most important things that are to be noted and studied later,
it helps a lot while doing the final work. You should also we even note down the teachers wants that they
want to be in your assignment.

3) Keep targets:

Keeping targets will help you cover up sub-topics or topics in each pomodoro session or
whatever your study plans are, it will make you achieve your assignment topics faster then usual without
creating a last minute hustle. You can keep your targets according to your need, it also depends on what
type of assignment you have, if it is an assignment with many sub topics you must be determined to
complete the sub-topics and keep them as a task to complete the whole assignment, even if the assignment
doesn’t have sub topics you can create them by yourself, so you can distribute your work in small portions.

4) Always try being punctual:

Students often don’t feel the kick before last day; they will wait until the
assignment is due or sometimes don’t catch up with the class on what assignment is given after being
absent, doing the assignment bits by bits will help you take less stress and do the work in a rather tidy
manner and follow up better in classes. Taking stress could be the worst while doing an assignment, so try
to avoid it and do things calmly as possible.

5) Brainstorming and making notes:

Making short notes from videos(YouTube or other sources) or the data
(Wikipedia or student friendly sites) you are figuring out for your assignment and making detailed structure
from different sources will help you when write the assignment, it will create a mental image for you, which
will make you figure out the work easily.

6) Keep it authentic:

It is obvious that we might not know everything and we will google or read several
books, ask our friends and mentors, but we should always try to frame the work in our personal style with
the right information, it will make the work authentic, which keeps it unique from others and makes an
impressive impression.

7) See perspective:

Most assignments which are given to students in college are topics with different
perspectives and individuals. One must always look at all or most of it’s available views from different
authors and general people, so he can write a well researched assignment.

8) Final research and writing:

Now the time for actual work; the student must always verify his sources, get
his pen, pencil and creativity to the table and start his creation of assignment and make a piece out of it,
which he has the potential to make.

9) Revising and editing:

Last minute work will make no time for you to check on what you have written in
your assignment. We should always focus on how to finish it earlier as possible so we can revise it and edit
it if needed and even try to learn our topic for the sake of knowledge and not just marks.

10) Submitting and getting feedback:

Now submit the assignment and always try to get feedback from his
teachers as well as from the people who knows the topic, taking feedbacks, makes us know about the
mistakes we might have made or were prone to make, it will help us improve in future, if needed so. Great,
now you have completed your well researched assignment.

All the best!!

-Harshanbita Anujoy

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