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This is not you average guide to acing college. These are pro tips which are doable and very much useful in your first year in college.
1. Attend all orientations:

These might be a little boring but trust me when I say that attending them will surely do you good. The main aim of organising these departmental and college orientations is to get you equipped with the general functioning and facilities available in the college, missing out on them may cost you at some point later the semester.

2. ‎Seniors to the rescue:

Be it course syllabi, notes , friendly guide to tackling professors, heads up on the best food joints around the campus, your seniors will be your best bet to get every and all information. Keep in constant touch with them to save yourself from the daily miseries of college life.

3. ‎Documents on point:

Always keep a couple of passport size photographs and Xerox of all relevant documents handy in the initial weeks of college. You never know which form you would have to fill at any point of the day, so better be prepared.

4. ‎Photocopies and Loose change:

You might have spent the past 14 years of your life staring at one or two books per subject to clear your papers. Nevertheless, college life is a different ball game altogether. Your entire life is going to be surrounded by umpteen number of photocopies from multiple sources(including class notes from your trusty batchmates and seniors). Since photocopies are at subsidised rates around campus you might want to keep loose change to safe yourself from the trouble of paying the shopkeeper.

5. ‎Campus Tour:

Google maps might be enough but you have get an idea of the place you are going to spend three years of your life. So get out there and take a walk around campus to figure out the photocopy shops, Maggi points, community centre and other spots you might need to visit later on.

6. ‎Eco friendly fix to your pocket:

For those who travel dialy to your college, last mile connectivity from the metro station to your college might be tackling an endless string of e rickshaw and auto drivers coaxing you to enter their vehicle. Well if you still have time and your college isn’t that far, WALK. It might be just the right thing to do for your body and also your pocket.Under the Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, select colleges across DU have given their students free access to bicycles from the metro station to the college, find your nearest bicycle point to get your free pass.

7. ‎Dilemma of Fest season:

First year college life might get you all excited about attending each and every college fest around campus. Well, unless you are a hardcore party animal, attending all fests is not possible or probable. Guess what, attending atleast one of them is just enough. How so you ask? All college fest competitions will have the same societies performing the same piece at every event, the only difference is the celebrity cast performing and other novel events. So figure out the fest with the celebrity you want to enjoy watching and go attend the fest from the morning till night.

8. ‎Extracurriculars are essential:

What was that one non academic hobby that you couldn’t pursue because of the all important 12th board exams? Well, college life is the best time to pick it back up and work on honing your skills. This will be a much needed relief from the endless assignments and practical submissions.

9. ‎Ask and thou shall receive:

Unlike school teachers, college professors are more open to feedback and outrageous doubts. All you got to do is ask them. But do take a heads up from your seniors about what to ask which teacher. Better safe than sorry right!

10. ‎Style is clichéd:

Forget all KJo movies before you step into your college life. You don’t have to be on your A game in your clothing style every single day. It is definitely appreciated and encouraged to be well groomed while coming to college but you might get surprised when you see your seniors in their PJs( styled to perfection nonetheless) Attending back to back lectures calls for comfortable clothing before anything else. You might want to reserve your wardrobe gems for the special occasions.
Bonus tip: The coming three to four years of your life will be the best time when you grow as a person, experience things the way that you never have experienced before. No matter what, it is you who has to figure out your way through the daily hassles of college life and trust me, it is gonna be a wonderful ride.

All the best.
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