Once again our national capital is in lime light due its worst air quality. This year also an emergency situation is expected to arise due to increase in the pollution level . Air quality in the capital has fallen to PM 10 level at 267 and PM 2.5 level at 226 on Saturday in Delhi which is a very poor condition. In many states of north India the quality has deteriorated to a very large extent. The stubble burning by the farmers of Haryana and Punjab has contributed a lot to this poor air quality and burning of crackers on the festivals acted as a fuel to the fire.

On Friday the satellite images show Aerosol optical depth over the the northern India . This is basically the root cause of SMOG. But still the central pollution control board has not banned the burning of crackers on Diwali saying that they are waiting for the supreme court verdict on the petition to ban the crackers.

According to me it is very sensitive issue and we should think about it. We should understand that India is such a country where more than half population is illiterate . Here no one exactly knows the meaning of air quality index and all that stuff all what they care about is their income and lifestyle so first of all we have generate awareness among them regarding this issue. Merely banning is not the solution. It is. Just an useless effort to ban crackers at the time of Diwali and then don’t bother about the issue for the whole year.it is continuous and a persistent issue-which should be taken care of. This problem is leading cause of many diseases such as asthma and skin diseases .

In the end we all should understand that it is we who need pure air for survival, it is we who pollutes the air for our own needs, it is we who need to take care of this and it is we who should take initiatives to make the air pure again. So stop thinking and start doing until it gets too late

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