Now It’s time for many aspirants to rush to Delhi University for admission to a desired undergraduate course or college with a bunch of documents. The admission process of DU is very simple as it’s in the online mode now, so aspirants who are eligible for cut-off marks and other criteria for admission to the course and in a college of their choice, they don’t have to worry about anything as everything will go smoothly at the admission desk. But not every aspirant admission goes easy and smooth as some of them are in a confusion of what to study and where. Many aspirants are worried about their course and sometimes about college in regard to social and academic orientation, extracurricular activities, and most important to their future career prospects, campus life. Science aspirants are worried about the amenities and lab infrastructure.


Some aspirants prefer a particular course of their interest for admission but some prefer college like in north or south campus. Since school days, some aspirant’s are deeply passionate and their dream is to get a seat in the best colleges like St. Stephens,  Hindu, Miranda or LSR for a course. Even there are many students wants to admission in DU from other states including the northeast, they are even confused about what option is good for them.


So making a right decision between course and college in DU is like a very difficult situation for many students that usually causes unnecessary trouble and frustration. In most cases, students get confused because of their parents and close friends and even compelled students to prefer one over the another.

As we all know the trend of high cut off marks in DU for admission to undergraduate courses and also competition between some best colleges, So aspirants should always prefer a course over a college who are serious about their studies and have a strong interest in any one particular subject.  Even if aspirants are not able to get that course in any of their choice of college then do not compromise with your interests. For example, if an aspirant wants to study in Hindu College and is interested in Sociology (Hons), but the college does not have a sociology department then aspirant should prefer to go to those colleges which have sociology departments with the existence of expert faculty. In any case, Aspirant should not leave sociology for just sake of desire to be at Hindu College.

If students choose college over course then aspirant definitely fails to develop a good interest in a completely new subject after a semester or two and they might not be able to perform well in their exam. Eventually, as the time passes, students become demotivated and their study suffers from low results. So it’s better to continue with a subject that aspirant already had a good foundation in. Even no course and college can give guarantee a job to aspirants if they don’t do well in that course of study.

In fact, in India, today, jobs in most nongovernment and government sectors are based on performance and merit-in-competition by the candidates in both the oral and written and examination and knowledge in the specific field of study. As in competitive exams, questions came from any stream, so students should not say that science is good, social science is bad or commerce is good like that. Students should not comment on subjects, If a student has a desire to be successful, they can make a successful career with any of the subject.


Aspirants should choose a right course over a college and should be career-oriented as knowledge is the main subject of their interest that can help students to get a job or help professionally stand in a place of their desires or dreams.

A college gives the aspirants only its name and fame whereas a right chosen course gives a future as it makes the career bright. But this didn’t mean that colleges don’t have any role to play. Choosing a good college is equally important too since the course or subject alone cant make a student perfect. Perfection in any subject to an adequate level is possible only when teaching is good, the faculty is best, the classmates are good, the library resources are good, and the most important academic environment is good. So, if an aspirant luckily gets an academically good college then they should happily go ahead taking it as a blessing. However, Students should not sacrifice with their courses and subjects because they are the one who only wants success with their hard work, commitment, and sincerity.


Hence, before or at the time of admission, when an aspirant or their parents get stuck in a crisis of whether to choose a course or college, then they should definitely consider the job aspects first and accordingly decide the course. As there should not be any obstruction in one’s journey for a better career but that is only possible if good decisions are taken and sufficient efforts are made.

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