Delhi University has experienced a variety of issues , agitations , solutions and an eye of national politics. Politics in Delhi University are also constantly modifying as the generations are passing and new conflicts arise .

Nepotism literally meaning using your power to give unfair advantage to your family . It seems like the backbone of not only Delhi University politics but India’s too.

Leaders should be backed by students for fighting their issues rather than nepotistic leaders. The party tickets should be distributed on the basis of candidates potential and their involvement in work for the betterment of University .

However, the representation of women colleges remains zero in DUSU elections as most of the college’s haven’t been affiliated yet . This is marked by  gender stereotypes prevalent everywhere .

Metro price hike , shortage of hostels seem to be the most important issues for students nowadays . During these elections , one witnesses extensive jam , violence etc. XUV’S are brought in for campaigning as well to show the “grandeur” of the candidate .

There are still a significant amount of students who don’t come to vote and aren’t well aware of their rights . They intend to go out and eat or just stay at their homes / PG’s to rest . The need is arising to make students value their voting rights .

These party politics eventually turn out to be harmful to the other University students . The extensive traffic jams hinder the roads to college . Many students have also reported of violence happening to them and their friends . These also create a lot of garbage ( pamphlets they give and banners ) and that’s why they aren’t eco friendly too . Nuisance is what happens during campaigning . And this should be taken care of.

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