The University Grants Commission (UGC) comes up with various rules and policies pertaining to what Indian universities do. Sometimes, they are good and help the students, while sometimes they are just a little strange.

On Thursday, the UGC wrote to the Vice-Chancellors of all Indian universities and higher education institutes that the 29th of September was to be marked as the ‘Surgical Strike Day’ and to celebrate it in the memory of the iconic 2016 event that happened along the Line of Control.

As per a letter by the UGC to the college officials, the day could have a variety of activities like special parades, talk or panel sessions by people who have served in the armed forces, visiting exhibitions that talk about the Indian army and more.

In a letter, UGC stated that, “All higher education institutions with NCC units shall organise a special parade on 29th September, after which the NCC commander shall address them on the modalities of protection of the borders,” and further said, “The university/colleges may organise a meeting, it calling ex-servicemen who will sensitise the students about the sacrifices made by the armed forces in protecting the borders.”

It was also suggested that students can take a pledge to support the Indian armed forces and even send greeting cards with that pledge to the servicemen.

The aim is to ultimately celebrate the day of 29th September 2016 when India finally took action and carried out surgical strikes against seven terrorist launch pads across the LoC

Commandos from the Indian Army and its special forces entered Pakistani-occupied Kashmir on that fateful day and worked to neutralise the situation, and as per reports, even did significant damage to terrorists that were allegedly trying to cross the border to India from that region.

It certainly sent a message that India will not sit quietly and can and will take action if it comes to it. The surgical strikes were also a response to the 19 Indian soldiers that were killed during the Uri terror attack that happened due to a suicide squad coming from Pakistan.

And added that these letters and cards should be shared with the PRO Defence and PIB to be publicised across common and social media.

UGC also talked about other plans for the day in the letter and said that, “A multimedia exhibition will be organised around India Gate on September 29.

According to reports, universities like Delhi University, Jamia Milia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru Universities have not yet commented on this letter and what all it asks the institutes to do.


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