UGC to SC : “Students should prepare for exams not assume”

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New Delhi : The Supreme Court of India heard matter in brief challenging the UGC decision to mandatory conducting final year exams till 30 September. The plea was filed by a law student, 31 students from different states and Yuva sena leader, aaditya thakrey.

A bench led by Justice ashok bhushan have heard the matter yesterday, but the order was delayed and the hearing adjourned in few minutes because Maharashtra government has not submitted the report of Disaster management act.

SC adjourned hearing till 10 August and lakhs of student’s were again disappointed by the decision. adv. alok have requested hon’ble to atleast put an interim order on final year exams till next hearing. SC refused to do so and according to adv other parties have not supported him in this demand.

“Optional exam is problematic. If someone cannot appear and is given a later option it will create chaos,” he said, to which the court said: “But it is for the benefit of students”.

ugc reply on final year exams

Mr Singhvi argued “heavens will not fall if exams are cancelled” and referred to sections of the Disaster Management Act that allows state governments to take decisions in this regard.

SG Tushar mehta was aksed to submit a clear stand on the final year examination and the mode of exams which universities can adopt. SG in reply said “By Monday we will (but) nobody should be under the impression that they cannot prepare. Students should prepare for the exam,”.

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