Conflict between DU and the staff  is a thing of today’s world . Everyday there is a news of conflicts among the authorities . Recently UGC orders the du to fill up all the vacant post with the teachers. Near about 62% of the non teaching post are still vacant. Total 3293 posts were available over their but only 1254 posts were filled by the university under different categories.

Out of these there is  874 posts filled on contractual basis  that has to be renewed after every 6 months. Recently du wrote a letter to UGC in dec saying that they should think over the remuneration of the contractual staff. Later on the UGC replied that they should hire the workers on regular basis and also they can go for outsourcing for jobs like mali, sweeper etc.  Even a committee was also formed to look into this matter.

Now  lets see whether the authorities work for the welfare or their internal conflicts will draw all the attention. Although posts are vacant but still there are hundreds  of unemployed people outside searching for jobs . This is the irony of the situation.

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