Delhi University students have always been famous for sporting t-shirts with slogans relating to their ‘man ki baat’. So, now you have a chance to get your own customized t-shirts or hoodies and go berserk with your creativity.

Over the years, they even though counted as casual wear, have become a fashion statement for the student Everybody is looking for a chance to stand out from the crowd. We also see that every society in colleges, during fest or other activities, goes for a different attire to make them apart from the crowd.

So to make their work easy, this season we provide you with 100% cotton t-shirts and hoodies at a very cheap rate. These feel soft and provide you with comfort during a hectic day. Also, you can get your college name or logo printed on these t-shirts and hoodies easily.

They are official partners with SAC Committees from over 20 Delhi University colleges. There team is working hard every day to manufacture t-shirts of fine quality at a very lower price. They also provide on door delivery facility within seven days, once the order is placed.

So stop thinking and call them now – +91 80747 73453

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