Truth about DU OBE : OBE are more like an assignments

delhi university obe

Note : The article is completely based on opinion. People may have different opinions and we respect everyone’s view point in this matter

As Delhi University Open Book Exams are in progress and more than 2 lakh answer sheets has been submitted. Every final year student at this time gets an idea about OBE.

OBE or open book exams are not exactly an exam. It is more like an assignment based homework where there are limited boundations. We have seen that hundreds of students are opposing online open book exams.

Maybe such students don’t have enough infrastructure, which is fair enough. But the fact is OBE is one of the easiest way to evaluate final year students. Filling a case against Delhi University to cancel OBE is not a solution.

Delhi University is also binded with UGC guidelines which they cannot deny. Instead of blaming University, student should blame UGC and government. Students who are opposing OBE will need to think, if physical exams happened they cannot score such marks which you can achieve via OBE.

Delhi university OBE is more like a formality based examination. DU officially stated that students will get 4 hours to complete the examination. After this time portal will not accept answers.

The fact is hundreds of students are still sending answer sheets via central email even after 5-6 hours. is this fair for other students? Nodal officers are asking students who were not able to send answer sheets by prescribed time to send answer sheets any time. We have also seen various students who sent there answer sheets after 2 days.

Such students are still receiving an acknowledgement emails from Delhi University. This means that there answer sheets will be evaluated. The fact is clear, DU cannot officially announce that students can send answers anytime because of UGC guidelines.

But unofficially such things are happening in DU. Few days back a teacher from DUTA said in a video “how we need to check papers, since more than 80% students have written exactly same answer”.

Now, a question arises in everyone minds. How DU will evaluate students? when every student have cheated, copied and completed his/her exam though phone calls with friends or have taken help from tutor. How the marks will be awarded?

Does it mean that every student will now get 10 CGPA, even those who have an average of 6 CGPA in last 5 semesters? is this fair for a brilliant student?

Difficulty level of OBE Papers

We have observed that OBE question papers for most of the subjects are straight forward and direct. Students are getting answers very easily and directly via google or study material. Do you think this will be fair for such students who study day and night to score 8-9 CGPA?

Exam season

Truth of so called Educational system

In India, Our educational system focus more on exams nor on knowledge of the students. In an interview recently, Manish sisodia said “No university can judge a student with a exam, then what is the need of exam?”.

Already students are just copying the answers from study material and submitting to DU portal. Are they getting any knowledge? will they be benefited though this? The answer is no, UGC just want to conduct exams no matter it is logical or not.

HRD Minister on final year degree

Everyone must have listened to HRD Minister Nishank pokriyal and his view on final year degree. He stated that if exams are not held our students will lose many good opportunities. He added, many countries like USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, etc have also conducted exams.

If our educational minister did some research on these countries, he would have a better idea. Countries he named are 10 times faster than India, furthermore they are developed country. In USA, they introduced online education few years back and other countries too are ready for online education. Whereas India is still not in a position to hold everything online.

Such countries have conducted final year exams online but by giving projects, thesis, presentations and other useful activities not like DU to copy answers from each other.

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