Concerts, DJ nights, debates and discussions, food festivals and various societies performing: all these are essentials of a DU fest.

With the beginning of the new semester in January 2019, the fest fever also reaches a high temperature. One after the other different colleges have their festivals.

As a fresher, it’s a must for you to attend these fests as they will define your college life in so many ways.

Trust me! Backstage or in the audience, the experience is unparalleled.

Here’s a list of the top 5 DU fests you can’t afford to miss-

#1. Crossroads (SRCC)

Crossroads first started in the year 1976 and since then it has come a long way to becoming Delhi’s largest cultural fest. Known for its grand scale organisation and huge sponsors the fest is a hit amongst students.

#2. Tarang (LSR)

Tarang has always been known for its stimulating discussions with eminent personalities.

For instance at Tarang 2018 the hot topic for discussion was (Un)Gendering Indian Cinema and luminaries like Ratna Pathak Shah, Rahul Bose and Leena Yadav were discussing it. The exhibitions put up by the photography and art societies are also a delight.

#3. Mecca (Hindu College)

Mecca is known for the hospitality it gives to all its guests. The lineup of artists performing at concerts and the big names in the judging panel is another exclusive trait of Mecca.

#4. Reverie (Gargi College)

Reverie is known for the splendid décor it puts up. The food fest at Gargi is a unique amalgamation of different cuisines coming together and is a pure delight for one’s taste buds.

#5. Nexus (Sri Venkateswara College)

Nexus brings together a plethora of cultural societies at one locations. The several contests organised at the fest add on to the fun. Go witness the best dance, dramatics and music societies at Nexus.

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