Top 10 reasons why Delhi University students always want to attend offline classes:

Top 10 reasons why Delhi University students always want to attend offline classes:

As you are all familiar, due to an increase in Corona cases in the capital of India, Delhi, classes were closed in the physical mode at Delhi University, and according to the DU administration, approximately 75 percent of students studying at Delhi University come from other states.

However, following a massive student protest and a significant decrease in corona cases in the capital, the Delhi University has now reopened. After nearly two years, physical classes resumed at Delhi University on February 17th, and the campus was once again swarmed with students. Students who enrolled within the last two years have now visited their respective colleges for the first time.

Students at Delhi University prefer to attend classes on campus rather than through the Google Meet and Zoom, and they have their own reasons for doing so, which are as follows:


  1. Online classes have their own drawbacks, as students frequently experience poor internet network connectivity, which impedes their learning. Aside from that, many students are unable to afford laptops or tablets, which are required for many technical undergraduate courses in University.
  2. According to some professors, it is extremely difficult for them as well to determine whether or not their students understand what they are being taught.
  3. There were numerous distractions during online classes, as students agreed to attenuate their online classes and switch their tabs to Netflix for binge watching and for scrolling Instagram, while they were actually needed to concentrate during offline classes in front of the professors.
  4. As college life is considered the greatest experience of our life, students also expected to meet their new peers in person after clearing sky-high cutoffs and experiencing the amazing campus life of Delhi University that they had heard about from their seniors.
  5. Students who wished to pursue higher education abroad were also concerned about their admissions, claiming that there were fewer opportunities for internships and concept clarification in the online mode, which could thwart their admission process.
  6. Many young folks were also concerned about placement and whether or not they would be able to get a good job in the corporate world after graduation with an online degree.
  7. Online teaching offers fewer opportunities for personal development than classroom-based learning, resulting in a lack of holistic development for students.
  8. Though the exams were also held in open book examination mode (online), few students took the online exams seriously, and others took them for granted, abandoning them with an uncertain future.
  9. According to some students, they felt isolated in online classes, which made them less productive and attentive, and led them to feel like couch potatoes, which stymied their growth.
  10. In the name of online classes, they sit in front of phones and laptops for more than 8 to 9 hours, causing eye strain and health problems.
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