Top 10 Fine Arts societies of Delhi University

College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like Commerce society, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc. Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select their team.

Here we present you a list of Top 10 Fine Arts societies of Delhi University based on survey conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other determinants.

The Fine Arts Society (FAS) organises cultural activities and online competitions It organizes competitions in sketching, rangoli, cartoon and poster making and much more. The colourful rangolis, the artistic stage decor and information displays add quality and much more importantly, a special welcoming touch to all events. The Society regularly organizes workshops and exhibitions for the benefit of students.

So here’s the list of Top 10 Fine Arts Societies.

1. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

Virtuso – the society for fine arts, is a relatively new addition to the societies, created by art enthusiasts. It is a group of most artistic talented bunch of students who have either painting, sketching skills or they love photography. The society organizes a show of the contributions of the society members done throughout the year. In the annual event, they showcase the elegant art work created by members in the premises, adding colour to the campus scene. Its creations are a treat to the eyes and the soul.

Votes : 2560

2. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College

Impasto, a very old and beautiful painting technique the leaves quite a rugged texture showing off the brush and palette knife marks and such is our society leaving our mark on the trail of time. Impasto, The Fine Arts Society of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, part of the Art n Culture Society where creativity and innovations have no limit. Impasto spread colours all over the college which lacked the aura of art and designed a beautiful mural on canteen wall. The society not only decorates the college premises on all events starting from Orientation , Freshers Party, the Annual Fest Surlok to farewell but also represents our college in various inter college competitions. It has brought many accolades for the college. Every year 3 new members from the 1st years are selected through auditions where there is a drawing competition and the topics are given on the spot.

Votes : 2427

3. Sri Ram College of Commerce

The Fine Arts Society of SRCC organises cultural activities and online competitions like ‘Food Photography Competition’ and ‘Dubsmash’ to promote different forms of art namely, music, dance, sketching, painting etc.

Votes : 2320

4. Gargi College

Hues, the Fine Arts Society of Gargi College, ever since its inception has been actively creating marvellous art pieces both for college events as well as its exhibitions. Hues has also envisioned to go beyond the college boundaries and engage in activities like wall paintings, conducting art workshops for the poverty stricken masses.

Votes : 2209

5. PGDAV College

Hyperion, is an extremely active society. It is committed to discover talented students and provide them a platform to flourish. For this purpose it is engaged throughout the year in various intra and inter-university events.

Hyperion starts its work from the ECA admission process. This year we added 135 students to the society through college auditions. On the Orientation Day of our college, a brief introduction of various societies under Hyperion was given to the Freshers. The programme ended with Hyperion students’ energetic and colourful cultural performances which enthralled the students.

Votes : 2106

6. Maitreyi College

The Fine Arts society here provides a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of fine arts which otherwise would have remained hidden.

Votes : 1902

7. Kirori mal College

The Fine Arts and Photography Society of Kirorimal College, is a group of skilled and creative artists and photographers within college.

Votes : 1600

8. Sri Venkateswara College

The Cultural Wing is the backbone of our prestigious College and its various societies have won many accolades for the college over the years. It comprises of an inspiring group of students who contribute towards all the cultural activities organized in the College. The cultural wing and its societies work incessantly to keep up the cultural spirit of the College.

There are various subsidiary societies in the Cultural Wing have been formed according to the interest and talent of the students. These include the fashion society, Dramanomics, the Music, Dance, Debating and Photography and Creative societies.

Votes : 1540


KRITI, the Fine Arts Society of SSCBS, attempts to change the style in which fine arts is seen by people. Its main purpose is to provide a platform for budding artists to showcase their talent. Art is a way of refreshing and rejuvenating yourself. ALLA PRIMA, the annual art event of SSCBS is organized by Kriti. Competitions such as Rangoli, Doodling, T-shirt painting etc. are organized. 100+ students from various colleges participate in this fest ensuring the achievement of society’s objective i.e. spreading art to every individual possible.

Votes : 1459

10. SGTB Khalsa College

STROKES- Fine Arts society of SGTB Khalsa College, DU helps in improving the artistic skills of its members by collaborating different imaginative ideas. STROKES suggests unbounded imagination of one’s mind like that of strokes of paint brush which are in no way limited.

Votes : 1402

We congratulate these societies on securing respective ranks in the list and wish them luck for the future operations also.

Also, don’t go anywhere because the “TOP 10” list of other societies are about to come so stay tuned for more.

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