In this fast changing world, increasing globalization of economy is the trendy topic, where everyone have their eyes on. Due to which it become important for a person to know more about financial affairs and become a responsible stakeholder. Thereby Financial and Investment society come into play, they not only enhance the knowledge of individuals but also support their ideas .

DU also have a handful Financial and Investment societies. Some of them are shining diamond which enlighten their college with at most shine. The list of the societies that overcome their problem with a unquie creative style are given below.

[Note :- The societies ranking are based on a survey conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other factors.]

1. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce-

sggscGGS have a quite active Investment cell which have regular post update on their social platform . GGS conduct many financial events that helps participants not only to learn the economical intricacies but also know more about the financial complexities of today’s business environment.This society have it own weekly newsletter FIC WEEKLY.

Not only that society also have quiet a long list of events, some of them are :-

->Transfer Window 6.0
->The wolf of waffle street.

The society believe that internships can be created by one that stop destination to gain real time financial knowledge and become a better and more financially aware version of oneself by honing an individual’s analytical, oratory and marketing skill set.
GGS Financial and Investment cell have a follower on Facebook around 7866 , which is quite a good number for the society.

2) Shri Ram College and Commerce –

srccSRCC is famous and a dream college for DU aspirations . So to justify their dreams SRCC also have their Financial and Investment cell , which is working hard so that they can provide a quality of knowledge to make the students dreams come true.
SRCC Financial and Investment society organize events time to time. Some of the recent events are as follows

Casser Le Cas :- The Annual Case study competition.
-The Financial District.

All the events have the same agenda which is to make the students aware about the financial situation. SRCC Financial and Investment Society also have their own newsletter which contain all updated articles , they also have book review included into it. This society have around 10,124 followers on their Facebook page.

3) ST. STEPHENS Financial and Investment cell :-

st stephensST.Stephens Financial and Investment cell have review rating about 4.1 out of 5 which itself is the huge benchmark . The most Amazing part regarding this society is the society’s fest i.e. DreaMerger ,which is a big hit. As all events is not only upgrade skills but a person with no prerequisite knowledge can participate. The society believe in the moral of bringing out the analytical consultant and solve the simple, yet challenging case study to help a company survive, by either giving way to merger or acquisition with other companies, provided in the case as an option. The latest event which is conducted by the society are

-Research Paper Competition
-DreaMerger 2018(Annual fest)
-Case Club League 2018
On popularity basis this society have around 6013 followers.

4) HINDU Financial and Investment society

hinduThe Hindu Financial and Investment society is consider to be one of the top societies. They maintain there own website which have articles, analysis and research of members with a larger audience. This society basic target to involve more and more student into financial affair.

The best part of the society is that it organize recruiting campaign to develop curiosity and  participation among all departments of the college which led to a successful 150+
registrations for recruitment. Hindu ‘s Financial and Investment society have its own annual festival Enigma which comprises of unquie events that play with the elements from Economics, Finance, Politics, Psychology, Quizzing, Logic, Analysis &Social science and lot more. The society also have associated itself with Trackinvest, a Singapore based initiative for conducting seminars on stock trading.

The popularity can be measure by the factor that they have 7099 followers. With all the analysis it is clear that this society deserve to be in top 10.

5) GARGI Financial and Investment society

gargiGARGI Financial and Investment society is about the quality as they have selected post which have the atmost impact on others like some of them are :-

->RERA and its effects in investment security in real estate

This society have around 202 followers on social platform. They are currently in the growing pace which is easy to recognize and the work they done in short time of interval is appreciable.

6)Shaheed Sukhdev Financial and Investment society (FINX)

27867436_1635319119868071_5720414941913669639_nThe basic agenda of the society is to provide a common platform for all FINANCE-ENTHUSIASTS to learn through sharing . They encourage students to indulge more in research work. Some of the Live Project which FINX conducted are as follows :-


-The recent events which FINX conducted are like FinQuizzitive – The Business Quiz
-The Undisclosed – Surprise Managerial Simulation.
-Bulls and Bears – Flagship Stock Market stimulation

The popularity of the society can be measure by the follower which is 5893 on social platform.

7) Lady Shri Ram Financial and Investment society

lsrLSR Financial and Investment society unique quality which make it stand out from other is active nature of the society . The post with useful information is updated on every Thursday. This make the followers have the just that they have to spare their time on Thursday for the updated article by the society. This also lead to removal of uncertain post. From the reviews on different social platform it get 4.7 out of 5 . The society have 1588 follower on their social platform.

  • The events that are conducted by the society are as follows :-
    -Session on Stock market
    -Movie Screening
    -Energy Armament
    -Financial Literary week’16

8) DCAC Financial and Investment society( Rokda)

dcacThe society have quite a different image which can also understand from their name which they given to society. As the name of the society emphasis that they are different way of thinking. The society believe in “Business is a game, played for fantastic stakes
And you are in competition with experts.

If you want to win, you have to learn to be the master of the game.” One of the events which have a huge success is THE STAKE CITY.

The society have the rating 4.8 out of 5. There are around 11868 followers of the society who are following them. Some of the review by students also show that how much they are satisfy the society work . Thereby DCAC ‘s Rokda should be in top 10 with their unquie identity.

9) PGDAV Financial and Investment society( MUDRA)

pgdavThe society generally want the applicant to brainstorm and have new strategy which can make their company survive. The society have no issues with collaboration as they collaborate with other societies and provide them with the best support they can. One of the successful event which is organize with the collaboration is The Mock Stock Event – A game of Luck, Skill and Strategy.

The recent article on which society write are on as follows :-

1. Bitcoins/ cryptocurrency
2. Mutual funds/ETF
3 corporate Debt Market
4 Successful/unsuccessful IPOs
5. Impact of union budget 2018 on banking and financial sector
6. Bankruptcy code 2016

Mudra have around 1504 followers on their official Facebook page

10) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa Financial and Investment society(SOFICA)

sofica“An investment in knowledge always pays off!” with the fought in mind SGND Khalsa Financial and Investment society working off with their atmost effort.

They aim to impart that level of skills among the people to get into the mix of fun and knowledge with aiming Financial literacy and Consumer Awareness at last!
The topics on which society have their focus on are :-


There are around 1450 followers and have good reviews which make this society in top ten.

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