Top 10 easy and engaging video content ideas!

Hunting for video ideas can sometimes be tiresome. We are brining for you unbeatable ideas if implemented nicely. These are effective and long lasting ideas for any social platform.

1) Time-lapse video
Time lapse is a video method in which long processes are condensed into a short fast paced video. A time lapse video is ideal for showcasing your work without making the viewer feel tiresome of the long video process.


2) Myths and Facts Video
Myths and Facts video is based on stating a myth and busting it by telling whether the myth is true or not and then stating the true facts. These types of videos are low effort but informative and engaging. Viewers often enjoy such videos and the video yields much response.


3) Testimonial collection
Testimonial videos are ideal for promoting small business, companies, startups etc. Testimonial video boosts trust of customers in your company. A testimonial video features happy customers themselves or their reviews of your brand and their delightful experience with your company.


4) Behind the scene video
Behind the scenes’ videos are a great way to engage and connect with your audience. Such videos showcase the hard work that went into a particular project and makes the viewer appreciate your project even more. By publishing the behind the scenes video of an already successful video or project will for sure not only yield views on the behind the scene video but also will add some extra views to your old already successful video. Behind-the-scenes video also is a great way to appreciate the team that worked on a project or video.


5) Q&A session video
This is a super easy yet super responsive video idea. In a Q&A video you are supposed to answer some common questions about you, your channel or your company that are asked by your audience. Such video are a great tool to build connection between you and your audience.


6) Start a Vlog
A Vlog is a walkthrough of your life it can be a video of your vacation, chill time with friends, visiting a concert, or simply visiting just your neighborhood park or just being at home and doing some random stuff. Make sure that your vlogs are engaging and then you will for sure enjoy great response. Vlogs are easy to make and they add a ‘personal touch’ to your overall content.


7) A day experience sharing
A day in the life video is a video that walks your audience through a typical day in your life. These videos are very popular and have been created by many big creators. A day in your life video never gets old and is engaging whenever you watch it. Through such videos the audience can relate to you and become more connected to your content.


8) Some cultural video
Cultural videos are great because it not only attract viewers who share the same culture but also viewers who are interested and curious about different cultures. A cultural festival is always packed with lots of content and is often enjoyed by a variety of viewers irrespective of their age. So, next time you celebrate navratri or durga pooja make sure to film the preparations, the rituals, the delicacies etc for your social platform.


9) How your life is shaping up
A life update video is a video in which you update your viewers about what is happening in your life, what are your future plans and what all is life offering you right now. Its like taking to your friend about your life. It’s a simple yet effective video method.


10) Preparing an infographic video
Infographics videos are good way of laying forward any sort of content whether it be showing processes, explaining stories, promoting an event or any other needs. Infographic videos are attract viewers quite well.


These were some of the easy yet great video making ideas that will surely benefit but make sure you do what makes you happy and satisfied as a creator.


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