Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the extraordinary intelligence in machines resembling that of humans and even exceeding human intelligence, such machines are designed to think like humans and even imitate their actions. Such machines exhibit incredible capabilities such as learning and problem solving. Here we present TOP 10 BENEFITS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI).


1) Helping hand for the disabled

AI is very helpful for disabled people. AI powered apps like Voiceitt which makes it easy to understand what a person with speech defects is saying by converting their speech into clear audio or text. Ava and AccessiBe are some more examples of apps/websites that facilitates the needs of thousands daily.


2) Time saving

AI can prove to be very time saving as AI powered machines or technologies can easily and efficiently do tasks in way less time than a normal human being would do.
It allows the analysis and use of the data derived from a particular source to be carried out in real time.


3) Reduces work load

It’s been a myth in the society that AI will trigger unemployment but in my point of view AI will not take one’s job rather it would help people perform their tasks better. The combination of human and AI will be unstoppable.


4) Premium decision making skills

Artificial Intelligence is very beneficial for making smarter business or any other type of decisions. AI can ease data delivery, study trends, provide forecasts, and state uncertainties to make the best decisions for the company or any other institution. As long as AI is not programmed to imitate human emotions, it will remain unbiased in every aspect.


5) Less chances of errors

AI reduces errors or failures caused by human limitations. In fact AI is capable of pin pointing such things that normal human beings fail to point. For example, AI is used to detect, by means of infrared sensors, small cracks or defects in parts that are undetectable by the human eye.


6) Helpful for educational purposes

Some AI robots have already been introduced in the education sector. These robots act as professors and teach students various subjects. For instance take the example of Jill Watson. She is a graduate level teaching assistant in the Georgia Institute of Technology. She’s a literal teaching machine. Other than teaching robots there are also AI powered teaching apps. Some examples are Duolingo and Third Space Learning.

7) Improved customer experience

Through AI several apps have been equipped with chatbots. These are AI driven software applications that are used to conduct online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in vision of providing direct contact with a live human agent. A chatbot can automate conversations and interact with people through messaging platforms. Several daily use apps have introduced chatbots in their apps to attend to customer requirements and queries such as the messaging app – Telegram and the Clothing app – Urbanic.

8) Health care and medicine

Health care services will be at great benefits for diagnostics because an AI wearable can monitor patients 24/7. Image-based AI diagnoses can help doctors better examine and treat their patients.


9) Availability 24×7

An Average human works for 4–6 hours a day. But using AI we can make machines work 24×7 without any breaks and they don’t even get tired, unlike humans. Business companies, Educational Institutes and Helpline centers get many queries and issues which can be handled effectively using AI 24×7.


10) Repetitive Tasks

Many day to day repetitive tasks can be performed such as sending a thanking mail and checking documents for errors can be effectively performed by AI technology. Using artificial intelligence we can productively automate these mundane tasks.


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