As we all know the admission under ECA is the top priority of the students seeking admission under DU. ECA and sports collectively amount to around 5% reservation.For ECA students have to appear for trials starting from 25 June. There will be 2 rounds constituting 75 marks and rest 25 marks will be given on the basis of certificates. This year apart from dance and music theatre is also one of the main category. Unlike previous years near about 110 seats are available in 49 colleges under this category followed by music i.e 83 seats in 53 colleges. Even the number of seats in NCC is 65 in24 colleges.

Apart from this categories like music, creative writing,NCC,NSS, yoga , instrumental music, theatre, quiz, debate , dance ,digital media etc are of also among the top choices of students. The theatre is getting great importance these days. Nukad nataks are held by many societies that enlightens the society about various issues.

This year yoga and 11 other sports have been removed from the recognised category and only 7 colleges (out of which 4 are women colleges) are offering this discipline. Even the no of seats in yoga has been reduced to 10 from 23 in previous year. This year its going to be interesting as colleges are very much particular about the discipline and students that are required. Only those who are expert in their skills will go further.

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