du students

The Standing Committee at Delhi University has approved the draft of the newly introduced syllabus for more than 78 undergraduate programmes to be implemented in this session. The final decision will be taken by the Executive Council on July 20, a day before the new session will begin at DU colleges. According to the stakeholders, the students and teachers might have to work harder as it will take time to arrange the reading materials and textbooks. 

While 78 subjected were cleared, there are three papers included in the DU’s new syllabus. A section of Delhi University panel has suggested excluding the lesson on Gujarat riot lesson under the BA (Programme) courses as it puts RSS in a bad light and portrays them as the attackers in the Gujarat riot. Rasal Singh, member of a right-wing teachers’ group in DU National Democratic Teachers’ Front (NDTF) said the lesson they wanted the backdrop of the 2002 Gujarat riots story to be dropped. 

The story depicts two members of a right-wing group in a very wrong light, he said. They were shown as murderers and rioters. It can create a wrong perception about that group. We demanded that story be removed from the syllabus. A senior official from the DU’s department of English said the story is in the syllabus since 2010. It’s absolutely surprising that some standing committee members are demanding the removal of the story after so many years, the member said. 

They also objected the paper of Homosexuality or LGBTQ under BA English (Hons) courses. The DU panel called the lesson little controversial and a lesson on caste system. 

During the meeting, while the syllabi of all other courses were passed without objections, the syllabus of English department faced criticism. The NDTF members also opposed the inclusion of a paper titled interrogating queerness in the BA English (Hons) course and the addition of a paper on caste system in India in the same course.