The tussle between principal and chairman of Delhi University’s Dyal Singh College (DSC) is reportedly causing financial losses to employees. According to a report in The Indian Express, the bank has stopped acting on communications signed by the principal. The bank also sent a letter to the chairman on the issue. DSC teachers’ association president P K Parihar said that money is not being transferred into their PF account because of which they are losing interest.

“Also, medical reimbursement of all, including pensioners, is under threat. This despite the V-C recognising Dr I S Bakshi as principal, against the ‘illegal order of chairman’ to send him on leave,” Parihar was quoted as saying in the report. Earlier, chairman Amitabh Sinha had sent the principal on ‘long leave’ before setting up an inquiry against him for alleged administrative and financial irregularities.

However, the chairman said that there was no financial crisis and accused Bakshi of creating problems. “How can he continue to function as principal when an inquiry is pending against him?” he asked. Bakshi was charged with serious allegations regarding financial and administrative irregularities and was asked to avoid visiting campus during the inquiry against him. He was also asked to give the keys of his office to the principal of the Dyal Singh (Evening) College, Pawan Sharma, who was made acting principal.

Earlier, last month, students and faculty members along with Bakshi were denied entry to the college without any prior information. A notice declaring a holiday was put on the gate in the morning. It was previously sent to Bakshi but he refused to declare the day off on the grounds that Sinha was issuing “unilateral dictates”.

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