After the two students appealed court to get admission in hindu college and LSR respectively, the court has ordered the CBSE and DU to sync in the revaluation process and releasing cut offs so that in the future the students don’t suffer.

The two students, after revaluation in their CBSE 12th marks, were qualified to take admission in hindu college and LSR college, but missed the last date. They then appealed court for justice as they felt unjust on their part not getting admission when they are deserving.

The court had hearings for the same and asked to extend the two seats in both the colleges to admit the two students. The court has even ordered to extend the number of seats for the deserving candidates.

The justice, Siddharth Mridul, said that the Du should be held responsive for the meritorious students whose right of choice is denied when they can’t get in the college they are qualified for only because of the delay occasioned by CBSE , and no Fault of the candidates. He even stated that the DU must be liberal enough to ensure that justice isn’t denied to any candidate.

DU , however, argued that it could accommodate students if only they are met by the other eligibility conditions and that if there are enough seats to accommodate them.
HC in respond to this stated that “rules and procedures are its hand maid justice and not its mistress” , the court asked the university to ensure that the starting academic year , DU takes into consideration the revaluated marks.

Further HC ordered the chair person of CBSE and the vice- chancellor of University of Delhi to hold a meeting within 4 months and arrive at a conclusion whereby the revaluation process precedes the release of cut off date prescribed by the DU for admission.

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